Voluntown Library Wish List

A great way to help Voluntown Public Library is to donate needed items from our Amazon Wish List.

Many supplies are needed for our children's craft programs, Take It & Make It kits, and in-house programs for adults. The more help we get with gifted items, the more we are able to offer the community in way of new collection materials and programs.

The wish list includes supplies for these programs along with new books, replacement books, STEM kits, DVDs, and other needed items for the library. Having these items donated allows the library to acquire bigger items, great programs for both kids and adults and improvements to your library.

Click the Amazon logo above to access our Wish List. 

Donations can be shipped directly to the library, OR shipped to your home.

When you order, you have two delivery options:

1 . ) Order an item to be shipped directly to Voluntown Public Library.  

When you use the attached wish list links, you will be able to select Voluntown Public Library as the shipping address.

 Once you pay for the item, it will be shipped directly to the Library.

2.) Order the item to be shipped to you

 Use the attached wish list links, and have the item shipped to you to deliver to the library yourself.

Thank you for supporting your local library!